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Calendar, Event Registrations, Reservations: Complete Scheduling!

We put our event calendar online.  You can too! 

Happy Customers

Thanks to Club Sched, we publicize and manage all our important events on the web.  It's easy and versatile.  No more endless emails, little pieces of paper or marked-up booklets.  Our web event calendar was up and running in minutes!

We started with just a calendar.   Now it is part of our larger web site.  We like being able to select colors, fonts and features to make it look just the way we want.

But wait!  There's more!

We not only schedule events online; we manage them too, with online registrations.   We even have online reservations for our facilities.

It's all so easy, we can hardly believe it!

You can do it too, with Club Sched!

Three great applications for your web site - one convenient service

Web Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Publicize all your events in one convenient place.  Include full details.   Your Club Sched events calendar requires no manual updates just because time passes!   Include a dynamic Upcoming Events List on your home page, with links to the full calendar.  Your calendar can be public, or for members only.

Online Registration System

Event Registrations

Do some of your events require advance registration? Put the Club Sched event registration system to work!  Integrate your own custom forms.  Members register themselves and their parties easily, even for a series of events.  Convenient management reports, and optional rules.

Online Reservation System


Do you have conference rooms?  A dining room? Tennis courts?  Enjoy convenient online booking for just about any reservable asset.  "Web 2.0" features help you find availabilities, or an existing party to join.  Reports, flexible rules ease management.

Your Online Event Calendar Works Hard - You Don't Have To

Two Views - month at a glance, or more detailed event list.  Choose either as your default; switch easily between them.
Search Feature - Select events that match a particular word or phrase.
Upcoming Events List - for any web page, automatically updated by your calendar.  Easy customization to match your page.  Then copy a snippet of JavaScript code to wherever the list should appear.   Search can be active for special interests.
Plenty of Detail on a pop-up Event Details screen.   See the event description, contact information, registrations (if enabled), guidelines and details concerning location, repetition pattern, optional "more" link to info elsewhere on the web.
Repeating Events - Daily (every N days, or selected weekdays), Weekly (selected days every N weeks), Monthly (First - last selected weekday, or specific date, every N months), Yearly (First - last selected weekday, or specific date, of selected month)
Versatile Editing - Reschedule, cancel, show with strikethrough as cancelled, re-activate, modify description and details, enable/disable/modify registration rules.  Edit one, several, or all repeating events simultaneously.  Clone events.  Select common locations from a saved list.

Online Event Registration Software - A New Level of Convenience

Your event registration process online is easier, quicker, and more accurate. With just a few clicks, make any event on your web calendar registrable.  Capture event-specific data with custom forms.  Set as many rules as you like:
Accept registrations N days in advance
Limit total registrations to capacity
Limit guests per party, or prohibit guests
Set registration deadline
Limit size of individual party
Auto-cancel on low registration
For repetitive events, allow or require multiple registrations simultaneously
A "register" link appears on your calendar for registrable events.  The Event Details screen offers a Registration Report.  You may select from four formats:
Me and my party
All parties summary
All parties detail
Members and Guests by name
For any format, select either active or cancelled registrations

Online Booking - Maximize Your Resources

Capabilities of the Club Sched online reservation system include:
Define Locations - Your system manager can define any number of reservable locations.  The definition establishes type of location, operating hours, capacity, scheduling interval, maximum party size, and other parameters depending on the location.  Several locations, such as individual conference rooms, can be grouped into a facility.
Identify Availabilities - See timelines for all locations within a facility simultaneously.  Select an available location and time, and book reservations for yourself and your party.
Search Existing Reservations - A versatile search engine finds your own reservations, as well as friends and guests.
Modify Reservations - A member may join or leave an existing party (subject to restrictions).  A Party Head may add or remove members or guests, or reschedule, clone or cancel his reservation.
Interact with Event Calendar - An event scheduled at a reservable location can optionally block normal reservations at that location, or extend operating hours as appropriate.

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Versatile Club Software

Here you will find what you need for your club, group, or other membership-based organization's web site calendar functions.  Our web calendar for club websites, events calendar for club websites, is second to none.  Looking for an event calendar for club use?  Event calendar for group use?  Event calendar for organization use?  Event calendar for member use? You have found the best club calendar, group calendar, or organization calendar around!  It's indispensable if you are an Activity Director, Recreational Services Director, Club Manager, Activities Coordinator, or anyone who organizes events and activities for a group.  And you can register members for club events, group events, organization events.  Register for events online.  Register for events on the web.  Now, with advertising support, you can get it all free!  FREE online calendar!  FREE event registrations!  FREE reservations!   Or, get No Advertising!  Your paid account shows No Ads!

Automatic Upcoming Events List JavaScript Software

Your calendar can automatically update a list of upcoming events on your home page, any other web page, or even email!  A snippet of JavaScript code does the trick, with custom size, colors, fonts, and data selection.  Search for "swim" to create a specialized upcoming events list of interest to swimmers.  Your dynamic upcoming events list is always, automatically up-to-the-minute.

Online Event Registration Software (Event Reservations)

Will bring a new level of convenience to your members and staff.  Enjoy a complete online registration system.   Online member registration for club events is easy!  Custom event registration forms.  Let members reserve space for themselves at your next event, easy and online.

Online Member Reservations

Use our online reservation software if you have club facilities that can be reserved. Members can book conference rooms, book dining reservations, book tennis games.  Make it easy for members to reserve facilities, and use them to the fullest.

Web Calendar Server

Our server supplies all calendar functions to your web site.  If you don't have a web site, it can stand alone.  No installation is required.