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Event Calendar, Registrations and Reservations - All Easy!

If you are an Activities Director, Club Manager, Recreational Services Director, or anyone involved in organizing events and activities for a group, this site is for you!   Indispensable Club Sched™ tools help you to be more productive, your group members happier and better informed, and your organization more efficient.

Manage events and facilities, delight members, and make more efficient use of staff time.  Club Sched makes it easy!  Club Sched™ service is a web hosted solution.  No software to buy, install or upgrade.  Your customized solution can be up and running in minutes to hours, depending on the complexity of your organization.  If you already have a web site, you can add a customized Upcoming Events List to your home page.    Club Sched™ service integrates easily (example).  Customize colors and fonts to exactly match your web site.  If you don't have a web site, your Club Sched account can stand alone.

An Interactive Event Calendar is the basic Club Sched™ service.  Many clubs need nothing more.  Members will appreciate that, unlike printed calendars, your Club Sched Event Calendar on the web is always up-to-date and easy to find.  Club Sched Event Calendar software makes it easy to maintain your calendar schedule.  It integrates all events club-wide, and even at locations outside the club.  You may set your Event Calendar to be viewable by the public, or require that users log in to see it.  Choose monthly calendar of events, or event list view.

Enable Event Registration for any events you desire.    Members can then register online, and review existing registrations.  Of course, club staff can act on behalf of members who prefer to call.  The system keeps track of who is registered, facilitates grouping people into parties, and prevents over-subscription.  With Club Sched, you have a complete, web based, online event registration system at your disposal.

Optional Reservation Management Software extends your Club Sched system.  Use it for online reservation booking of specific locations or resources, conforming to operating schedule and availability.  You can manage any number of locations, designating each as "shared" or "single use."  For example, a Dining Room is a "shared" location because it can be used by several parties at once, up to its capacity.  A Tennis Court is a "single use" location because it can be used by only one party (up to a capacity of 4 players per party) at a time.  As with Event Registrations, members can reserve online, and review existing reservations and availabilities.

Designate any group of locations as a facility.  For example, members may reserve time on individual tennis courts.  If you group the courts into a tennis "facility", the facility overview shows availabilities of all individual courts at a glance.

Events may be scheduled at specific club locations or entire facilities, or at locations outside the club.  They appear on the Event Calendar, alerting members to their time and location.  A particular event may optionally preempt normal reservation scheduling at its location.

Getting Started

You will need a computer, with internet connection and web browser, for system access.   The computer need not be large or powerful.  Most "heavy lifting" is done by Club Sched's web server.  Club members need no special equipment.  For staff we recommend:

Good resolution monitor - 1024x768 pixels or better
High speed, "always on" internet connection (e.g., DSL, cable modem or satellite)
Printer for "back-up" schedules in event of temporary connection interruption

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