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Web based delivery
Access from anywhere
No software installation
Add to existing web site, or stand-alone
Customize colors and fonts to match your web site perfectly
Member registrations and reservations via web as desired
Many simultaneous users
Ease of use
Familiar web browser interface
Minimal training required
Shows overview of logical resource groups (i.e., tennis courts)
Scheduling Versatility
Event Calendar view summarizes month at a glance, links to details
Event List view starts on any selected day, shows descriptions
Search to select events of interest
Custom Upcoming Events List on any web page
Repeating Events
Events at club or outside locations
Manage Event Registrations
Register for individual event, or repeating series
Set earliest registration date, and deadline
Specify maximum party size and number of guests
Limit registrations to capacity
Include custom forms for event-specific data
Automatically cancel for insufficient registration
Manage Reservable Facilities
Supports Golf, Tennis, Dining, Shared use and Single use locations and resources
Supports location/resource capacity, maximum party size, maximum parties per scheduling interval, hour-aligned scheduling intervals
Optionally restrict normal reservations during events
Registration and Reservation Accounting
Number of members and guests in party, summaries for events and locations
Optionally identify members and guests in each party
Golf Reservation Features
Schedule 9 or 18 holes
Schedule carts
Supports front/back starting times on 9 hole courses